Working out at 79!


My name is Sandi Buddo and I am 79 years old. I first met Jessica in the spring of 2018. I explained that I was interested in working on balance, strength and agility. She did an assessment of my fitness level and put together a program for me. We worked diligently and in the fall my husband and I and some friend took a golf trip to Oregon. The courses we were playing were long, hilly and there are no carts to ride in. I walked four days straight and kept up with our younger friends. I could not have done this without Jessica’s help.

What I like about Jessica is she LISTENS to her clients. Some days your body does not work as efficiently as others and she senses that and she modifies your workout accordingly. Have never suffered an injury in all the time we have worked together. She cares about her clients and their health.

The workouts are fun and she never yells, just gently suggests the proper way to do something. Many days there are lots of giggles, but she takes her work very seriously. Jessica is a very kind and caring young woman and I would highly recommend her a s a trainer to any age level.
Thank you Jessica.
Sandi Buddo