The Habit Foundation Results

before and after

I am going to take you through one of my students’ journeys. Her goal was to make her health a part of her daily routine so she could feel better, have more energy & confidence, be motivated to get out and do stuff and lose weight.

She struggled with accountability and being motivated as she always felt tired. She also felt embarrassed and didn’t want to look out of shape anymore. She would experience waves of motivation and would be discouraged when she didn’t see results and the mental effort was exhausting for her. Then she would want to give up anytime she ate poorly. In the end she realized her expectations were unrealistic and was ready to break her self defeating cycle.

Here is an before & after photo for you to see her results. Look at how much her body changed.Her journey started Sept 16 with The Habit Foundation & coaching, and in 3 months started to see results. Instead of focusing on her weight loss, which was only 5 pounds she started celebrating her small wins, like how she accomplished a workout or ate well that day. She followed a plan and the framework from my program. It wasn’t until her after photo that she realized how much she had changed! She lost 10 inches and her posture had totally changed. Her arms, stomach and thighs were way slimmer, she had definition in her muscles, and her neck looked longer with her posture changing.

Because she started small with some simple habit changes and a plan, she had built a strong foundation that she could continue to build on. The Habit Foundation can be life changing for you too.

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