Testimonial From Nicolee

Kelowna Personal Training

My weight loss journey

Once I became pregnant I didn’t know what to do for fitness. I googled everything to do with prenatal fitness in kelowna and Jessica Levy kept popping up. I decided to contact her to see what my options were to continue working out while pregnant. .
•I joined her prenatal fitness class to stay active. It felt amazing to keep in shape, though I tried hard in staying fit and eating healthy I still managed to gain 45 pounds by week 40! I had my daughter and took a few months off for recovery. .

At 12 weeks postpartum I contacted Jess again, I had 38 pounds to lose to get back to where I was before pregnancy. I knew I had to work hard as weight doesn’t just fall off of me. .
Jessica was so motivating in personal training and group fitness classes. She even personalized our one on one training sessions to things I actually enjoy doing to keep me motivated in my journey. She advised me that it took 40 weeks to gain the weight and to not be discourage if It took 40 weeks to lose. I gave myself a goal to get back to my pre baby body at the 40 weeks mark! .

I managed to lose all the weight at my 40 week mark! I am beyond thrilled with how my body looks again. I have way more confidence and more energy. I owe all this to Jessica and her motivation. She is an outstanding trainer and friend. Thank you Jess! ⠀⠀