Testimonial from Megan


I met Jessica just over 9 months ago. During this time she has motivated me with her positive attitude and graceful strength. She has become an inspirational mentor in my fitness life; as well as, a cherished friend in my personal life.


September 2017 I decided I needed to make a big life change. I had been constantly putting myself and my health last. I was in a low place mentally and physically. I woke up every day feeling tired and uninspired. I needed to make a change and I needed help being accountable and staying motivated. Jessica was the perfect fit for me. Her warm and loving character made me feel optimistic about reaching my goals and comfortable in her presence.


Jessica’s constant encouragement, fitness knowledge and challenging workouts have made an incredible impact on my life. My passion for life has been restored. My confidence is building. My mental health has improved. Most importantly I am proud of the work I have put in and the results I have achieved. Thank you Jessica for being such an inspiring, kind and strong woman in our community.


With love,

Megan Clyne