Testimonial from Margaret

Kelowna Senior Personal Training

It is never too late!


When I retired 4 years ago I knew that I needed to do something about my physical and mental well-being.  Too many lunches at my desk along with too many excuses for being too “busy” and too “tired” to exercise in the evenings and weekends meant I needed a fresh look at what was important if I was going to improve my overall health…after all…I had retired from work not life and there was a lot I wanted to accomplish!   While I had participated in different group fitness programs for 3 years prior to meeting Jessica, I wasn’t making the gains one would expect.  The referral by a friend to her 4 months ago has given me the inspiration and belief that it is never too late to make a difference!

Jessica took the time to get to know me and using her professional knowledge helped set some goals that would not only build upon my level of fitness but would also complement the needs of my latest passion – ballroom dancing. The personal training sessions with Jessica twice a week are focussed yet fun!  We have a good laugh regularly and there is no exercise rut as she takes me through different exercises to strengthen targeted areas.  I can already see an improvement in my overall strength, flexibility and general fitness level.

Jessica has renewed my faith in myself that I can achieve more and have fun doing so.  She is a very personable and knowledgeable personal trainer and I highly recommend her to anyone, no matter age or level of personal fitness.