Testimonial from Katherine

Training while pregnant

In July 2018 I found out I was pregnant with my first baby! One of the first things I did, (before even telling some of my friends) was googled “best personal trainers in Kelowna, BC” and found Jessica ranking #1!

Staying fit, strong and safe during my pregnancy was super important to me and I wanted to find the most qualified person to help me achieve that. Jess definitely lived up to my expectations!!!

We started training when I was just 8 weeks pregnant and it was AWESOME!
Before any real workouts began, Jess did a thorough health analysis, took my measurements, took note of my medical history, and any previous injuries or traumas I had. She also inquired about my diet and made a few recommendations to improve my overall nutrition for the upcoming months.

Jess was super personable, knowledgeable about prenatal fitness and kept the workouts fun, challenging and engaging! She was always energetic, motivating and in a happy mood!

Even on days where I didn’t have the motivation to work out or just felt sore or tired, Jess always motivated me to come meet her anyway and modified the workout to fit MY needs. Even if that meant we just stretched or did yoga for the hour, her goal was just to get my butt in the gym (and I’m so happy she did!) I always felt more energized and less sore after our sessions. 🙂

Thanks to my weekly sessions with Jess, I stayed strong and active my entire pregnancy and experienced minimal symptoms… sometimes even zero symptoms! Even when I was 8.5 months pregnant, I still felt so great! (People couldn’t believe it… and honestly neither could I!) I was lifting weights, going for hikes and had no trouble sleeping until the day my son came! I never got that terrible back pain, pregnancy insomnia or foot swelling that I heard so much about and I gained weight at a very healthy rate.

I had 2 friends who were pregnant at the same time as me and they couldn’t believe how great I felt. Mind you, both of them stopped working out when they found out they were pregnant. Looking back at how drastically different my pregnancy was from theirs, they both said they’d definitely hire a trainer next time around and keep their fitness a priority.

I honestly loved being pregnant and I truly believe 80% of that is because of the workouts I did with Jess.

Staying fit and strong definitely helped me with labour as well. I felt like my body was physically ready to get my baby out because I hadn’t let my strength completely wither away.
I also had lots of practise (thanks to Jess) controlling my pelvic floor which helped a great deal during the pushing as well as with my recovery.

I was completely back to my pre pregnancy weight at just 4 months postpartum and didn’t have any issues going back to the gym at 6 weeks PP!! Jess made sure I took things slow at first, steadily building my strength back up and did constant check on my stomach, making sure I didn’t have any Diastasis recti (aka: ab separation) happening. (Which I didn’t!)

I always thought hiring a personal trainer was a lot of money but now that I’m almost 6 months PP, I would do it all over again the exact same way. It is 100% worth the money to stay fit and strong during your pregnancy, plus its sooo good for your babies health as well!

I highly recommend Jess as a personal trainer! She is such a bright light to be around and you can tell she truly cares about her clients. When I get pregnant with my 2nd baby, I will definitely be hiring her again!!! THANKYOU JESS!

Lots of love
-Kathryn A.