Testimonial From Jamie


I have struggled with my body my entire life it feels like. I have always disliked exercise and I never enjoyed playing sports. I work in an office where I sit most of the day, and being a busy working mom, my eating habits had quickly gone downhill, as I had often opted for the easier choice of eating out instead of preparing proper meals at home. My terrible diet and sedimentary lifestyle were affecting every part of my life.

After my second child was born I was at my personal lowest- I was depressed, unmotivated and heavier than I have ever been. I have worked with trainers before and would make some progress, but ultimately my old habits would kick in  and I would gain all the weight back, leaving me feeling so defeated. I came to Jessica originally because of her expertise in post-natal fitness to strengthen my pelvis after the pregnancy and I am so happy I did.

Jessica’s approach to fitness with me has been patient and thorough while still challenging me to push myself. She does not hustle or preach but instead encourages me to make small changes at a time which ultimately will (and have) become part of a new healthy lifestyle for me. I started by making small goals- I ate out twice a week instead of three times a week. I would try to do two workouts in a week and then maybe the next week I would try two workouts and a hike. Slowly taking bad habits away and adding good habits has made this whole process feel so much more manageable for me.

I have also learned to appreciate the non-scale victories. My mood has improved, I have more strength, and  I have the endurance to run around and play with my boys. I feel stronger, happier, and more motivated than I have ever been and I cannot express my gratitude enough to Jessica for helping me achieve that.

Jamie Chadwick