Testimonial From Colleen

Best Kelowna Personal Trainer

No matter what your individual fitness goals are,

Jessica Levy should be your choice for your Personal Trainer.

After moving to Kelowna from Vernon, BC, I contacted Jessica after she was highly recommended to me by a well-respected Personal Trainer and gym owner in Vernon.

I have now been working with Jessica for 1 year and I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have seen and continue to see in my overall health and fitness.

Jessica brings her professionalism plus her tremendous knowledge and expertise to every single workout!! I love that each workout session is different ~ always challenging, and interesting ~ never repetitious or boring.

As a competitive dancer and Dance Instructor in my mid-50’s, in addition to improving my overall general health and fitness, I have some very specific goals in what results I want to see and achieve through my workouts with Jessica.  She is always willing, and very dedicated, to delivering a targeted plan towards reaching these goals.  I can honestly say that my time spent with Jessica IS positively impacting my level of dance skill which I am very pleased with.

I sincerely appreciate and value all that Jessica brings to her clients and I would highly recommend her to any woman who is seeking to improve their life and health through one-on-one training.


Colleen D.

May 28, 2018