Out of my Training Rut-Testimonial from Charlotte

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Kelowna Fitness Journey
Kelowna Fitness Journey

Before I met Jessica, I was in an exercise rut. I was only exercising on my days off work. I was a weekend warrior, trying to reach my so called fitness goals during a couple days per week. A long hike here, a 35km bike ride there, power yoga every once in a while to mix it up and yet I still felt tired and sluggish. I knew I needed to take it up a notch but what do I do, where do I start?

I saw a video on Facebook of Jessica that was very inspirational. She was honest and said the best things in life don’t come easy and with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything. I wanted to feel strong and be healthy and not just say it but actually do it. Jessica is great at what she does. She works one on one with you to find out your goals, what type of exercises you like and how to fit it into your lifestyle that helps you stay committed to exercising regularly.

After about six months training with Jessica I have found a happy balance of working out 4 to 5 times a week and working full time. I am motivated to keep trying and keep challenging myself. This is a lifestyle change for me. I am taking everything in stride. I have many more chapters to write but for now I am enjoying all the little benefits. I feel stronger. I have more energy. I walk a little taller. I sleep amazing at night. Life is just better in general.

Thank you Jessica for all your support and motivation.