Summer Guide -7 Steps to Weight Loss + Bonus Workout

summer beach body workout

This summer take advantage of your country’s backyard; it has so much to offer including many beautiful parks that you can utilize for social adventure and your health. We put so much pressure on ourselves and how we look but lets look at how we feel. Do you feel like your best self? Do you have energy, do you feel strong, are you confident?

Follow these 7 steps to lose weight this summer.

1. Give yourself Time
As women its our nature to take care of everyone which makes us so busy and we tend to neglect ourselves.So the best gift you can give yourself is time. Time for you. Set aside 10-30 minutes everyday for yourself; to exercise, or read a book, have a hot tub, go shopping or anything that makes you feel happy.

2. Shifting your Mindset
Focus on what you love about yourself instead of what you want to change.If we start to shift our mindset to more positive thinking it is way more powerful then focusing on what we don’t like or want.Instead of I am tired, no energy, and there is no way I can hike to the top of that mountain…. How about, I am excited to feel strong, confident and hike up that trail taking breaks when needed and enjoy the views. This will help you to overcome the battle of not eating well or lack of exercise.

3. Drink More Water
This seems like such a simple task.Water is so great for our bodies; our skin, hair and nails. The way we feel. Stay hydrated, your body will thank you. Also, sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger so the more your drink the less you may eat.

4. Sleep
Getting a good nights sleep will fuel your body the next day.You are more alert and able to be your best self. This will allow you to have more energy and may promote you to get your steps in for the day or even get active.

5. Breathe
Have you ever noticed how you breathe? For most of us its shallow, we don’t utilize the capacity of our lungs and don’t allow for that full breath to get more oxygen into our bodies.So I encourage to you try 3 times a day to take 10 deep breaths. Oxygen fuels our body and replenishes our bodies at the cellular level. We need this to be more active in the day.

6. Nutrition
Cut out processed foods as much as possible.When you grocery shop try and shop the perimeter of the store and stay away from the aisles. Cut out sugar, and if that sounds difficult then cut back.Try keeping a food diary for a week. There are some great apps for the like ‘my fitness pal’.

7. Exercise Recommendations
To ensure that you feel your best self and to help you with weight loss, try to fit in 15-30 minutes of activity daily.If this sounds difficult start with 3 days and work your way up. You will want to set realistic goals, this will set you up for the most success. Think of living a healthier lifestyle as a new habit, not a diet or a fad that will be finished in 30 days. This doesn’t have to be a gym workout but could be paddle-boarding, wake-surfing, hiking, beach volleyball, or walks on the boardwalk. Exercising has many health benefits like keeping our heart, organs & muscles strong, improving posture, increasing energy, combat stress & improve moods, and weight-loss.

Todays workout you can do at your local park. These equipment free exercises will leave your body feeling sculpted & you feeling energized.

For best results repeat workout 2-3 times, and be sure to stretch those muscles afterwards.
1. Stairs – Run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes (this is your warm up)
2. Bench or Railing Pushups -10 push-ups with hands on the bench or railing
3. Bench Step Ups – Step up onto the bench with your right leg 10 times, then the other side.
4. Bench Donkey Kicks – Start in a pushup position with hands on the bench, draw the right knee towards your chest then kick it straight back squeezing the glutes. Repeat 10 times before switching sides.
5. Stair Leg Lift – Standing sideways to the stairs with right foot on the above step lift & extend left leg out to the side, squeezing glutes. Tap the left foot down to the lower step and repeat 10 times before switching sides.
6. Core Alternating Knee Ups – Sit on the edge of bench and lean back keeping spine in neutral and place your palms behind you on seat, fingers forward. Keeping chest lifted, shoulders back lift right knee towards your chest then back to start position. Switch sides and repeat 10 times per leg.
7. Bent Over Reverse Flys – With water bottle in one hand lean forward until your chest is directly over the top of your thighs, keeping the spine neutral and core engaged. Raise arms to sides until elbows are slightly higher than shoulders and really squeeze between the shoulder blades, lower and pass water bottle to the other hand and repeat 10 times per side.

What matters is how you feel about yourself. Follow these steps and you will become the best you. For more free workouts check out my You Tube Channel.