Ditch The Diet & Lose Weight ForGood



You want to make the change, maybe you’ve even started—going to the gym, hiring the personal trainer, buying the “right” foods to eat—but keeping up the new healthy habits is overwhelming.

Not to mention as a mom it’s hard sticking to a routine when we’re so focused on creating one for our Littles. You’re exhausted. It’s time to STOP feeling bad about all the things you could be doing for yourself. 

It’s time to lose weight for good

and make lasting changes through simple steps —and with me by your side!  The Habit Foundation teaches you 4 easy strategies to lose weight & ditch the diet for good. You can totally do this.

I really wanted to help my clients lose weight and found that what they did outside our sessions was more important then during. Once they started applying The Habit Foundation strategies not only did they lose weight & keep it off but experienced;

  • improved sex lives
  • more energy to keep up with the kids
  • felt better in their bodies and confident to get into a bikini again
  • improved posture and strength which gave them more confidence at work

I was thrilled to see such a huge quick improvement in their results and now I am so excited to share this with you so you can feel all these things too!

Now is your time.

Access the Habit foundation

All It takes is 8 weeks

To make the commitment to yourself to lay the foundation for successful & permanent weight loss. You will have:

• A healthier relationship with food

• Confidence in your body again

• Accountability

• Feel confident + empowered to face challenges and overcome ingrained bad habits

• Emerge with a healthier, confident mindset that will positively influence those around you


Module #1 The Habit Foundation

We’ll deep-dive into what makes a habit and why making a change can cause overwhelm. Then, we’ll look at how to simplify your behaviours to create lasting weight loss!


Module #2 Goal Setting

Learn how to make actionable goals that are easy to stick to.


Module #3 Healthy Eating

We will cover the health basics: and the simple steps to incorporate better eating habits.


Module #4 Meal Prep & Meal Plan

In this module we’ll cover simple steps to meal prep & how to make meal planning pain free!

 Module #5 Living Your Best Life

Learn ways to move your body & add small healthy habits to build upon+ how to breathe away the stress and sleep better.


Module #6 Breaking Bad Habits

Let’s get real about your bad habits, how to track them, and how to move on from them! 


Module #7 Managing Your Relationship With Food

Overcome the food traps that cause you to gain weight.


Module #8 Evaluate

Now to pull everything together and give you tools to stay accountable to the program for life.

I am ready and so excited to lose weight for good.

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Do you feel like you have a difficult time sticking to a healthy lifestyle? Or feel exhausted, have a low sex drive, Yo-Yo diet (binge eating/wine), feel overwhelmed?

The Habit Foundation Helps You Overcome These Challenges to a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Short term pleasures (easy premade meals vs meal prep)
  • Lack of time (feel no time for a healthy lifestyle)
  • Lack of know-how (don’t know what, how and when for a healthy lifestyle)
  • Lack of self control (stress eating/numbing)

Simple daily habits to lose weight for good.

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managing our relationship with food



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A 2-Week Meal Plan with 42 innovative healthy recipes & an additional 7 healthy dessert recipes! PLUS:

* Managing stress for better digestion tips
* Why eat the rainbow?
* Quick colourful snack ideas
* Gut healing foods, magnesium rich foods, metabolism boosters
* Eating tips for weight loss
* What does a healthy diet look like?
* Quality is key
* Infused water
* Salad dressing amped up
* Holy grail of snacks
* Superfood index for meal plans

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50 healthy habits to help you lose weight.


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Challenge Coming 2021


Challenge Coming 2021

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I love my past clients that I have worked with 1 on 1. Hear what they have to say about the strategies we have implemented from The Habit Foundation.

Jessica has shown me how to overcome my mental hurdles that have prevented me from achieving my fitness goals in the past. She has taught me how to effectively set realistic goals and given me the tools to build the framework around reaching them. 


Jessica’s strategies to work on smaller healthy changes has been so helpful. By helping me picking a few things to start working on, not only have I been able to stay on track and make them habits but I have also been able to easily include more healthy changes in my day to day.  


3 Weeks into the program Amanda said,”I’m down 5lbs this week!!!! I’ve been waiting for a drop for a couple weeks now, so I’m super excited!!!Before the program started I fell off the wagon and was staying the same weight or gaining.I’m loving the program, the small steps are helping me a lot.”