Prenatal Personal Training Testimonial from Vanessa

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Prenatal Testimonial
Prenatal Testimonial

I met Jess early in my second trimester after she was referred by Wayne at Ryder’s Spin Barre. My first trimester had been a lot of exhaustion and a real lack of motivation to do anything physical. I was looking for someone to help push me, as I went for the rest of my pregnancy. Jess was incredible. She had been through this stage of life and was really encouraging and wanted to help me through all the changes and challenges of pregnancy. My goal was to keep myself feeling strong and minimize my recovery. I took a combo of Jess’s group classes with other moms and a weekly one on one class. Jess was able to adjust workouts throughout the 9 months and I always felt safe while still building strength and endurance. Although I knew I was slowing down over the 40 weeks, I still felt strong! I was able to keep going to classes and working one on one with Jess till the day before labour, I was 5 days overdue. We worked on core strength and pelvic floor strength, especially towards the end of my pregnancy, and I’m not sure I made the connection or was sure of how much it would pay off until D-day came around.

My labour went really smoothly and I think I owe so much of that to Jess. Our delivery Nurse and my Doctor said being strong and having control really made things so much easier on everyone. I realize I was lucky to have no complications with the labour, but I also felt strong and that keeping my fitness up helped me so much mentally and physically from beginning to end. So I owe Jess a huge thank you! Our baby is really strong baby and active. I’m working on getting back to my pre-baby body and Jess is confident that she can get me there.

Thanks again Jess, without your training and coaching, there’s no way it would’ve gone so smooth.

Vanessa Scheske