My Pregnancy Journey- 1st Trimester

My Pregnancy Journal

Two Failed Pregnancies and the Beginning of a Successful 3rd!

The 1st trimester…

Every day is different than the one before. This past week has been a whirlwind. You wake up one morning feeling fine, then wham it hits you.  The urge of being sick. I run to find my cereal that has been my savour of nausea. Frosted mini wheats. Ever since Xmas I haven’t been able to eat meat.  The smell of it just turns me. So I was eating wraps for dinner, or salads, or soups.  I’ve been craving sushi like crazy.  Too bad I can’t eat the sashimi anymore.

My diet during the day has been strange.  I eat about 8 times a day because if I try to eat a big meal not only does it make me feel sick but makes me feel like my stomach is going to burst. Here is what a day looked like this week.  Breakfast fruit smoothie with protein powder, snack almonds, couple slices watermelon. Lunch Greek wrap, snack egg roll, snack salad.  Dinner soup, snack ice cream, snack fruit.

I don’t think I have ever slept as much as I have this past week.  1-4 hour naps are normal. Going to be at 8:30 and sleeping until 7:30am Normal. Feel like I am hung over 24/7. NORMAL. Hope this only lasts the 1st trimester because it is impossible to get anything done.  Accomplishing just 1 task in the day. AWESOME!

After having 2 previous miscarriages it causes you to analyze everything you feel in the day.  My scare is anytime it would seem that I was spotting. Is this the beginning sign of another miscarriage?  Also being O – blood type you have to get a shot of Rhogam so your body doesn’t create antibodies against your baby if they are a positive blood type. So off to the doctors I went for my shot.  Have I mentioned that needles terrify me? The burning sensation.

So after my 1st doctors visit I had to go to the lab to leave a urine sample and give blood.  I didn’t know that I had to give 5 samples.  Well my vein closed up after the 4th so she had to repoke me.  All of a sudden I felt light headed and sick. She told me to put my head down and cooled off my neck with a wet cold paper towel. I knew I needed to eat and went for lunch and ate a chicken clubhouse & Caesar salad.  Much better.

Each day that passes is a day closer to my second trimester. The countdown is on.  At this point we are only telling parents.  Scared to do anything and too tired to do anything so the days are getting increasingly boring.  I ended up having 3 Xmas dinners. At 6-7weeks pregnant I started noticing that by the 3rd dinner my appetite had started to decrease and the smell of food was nauseating.  After the 3rd dinner that was the end of meat for me for about 2 weeks…  Shortly into week 7 the smell of any hot food made me sick so my diet for the next week was cold foods.  Salads, fruit, wraps, ect.

Morning sickness is not how it sounds.  It’s actually 24/7 sickness. Although I must say even though I always felt like I was going to get sick, I never actually did.  Coming into week 8 I was able to start cooking again.  Still not meat.  The 1st meat dish was towards the end of the week.  I cooked pork snitzel; since it cooks fast I only had to smell it for about 10min.  Mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus & mushroom cream sauce.  It was actually really good.  The next week I tried chicken, slowly my morning sickness was easing up.

1st ultrasound is booked for January 5th.  Was so anxious waiting for this date to come.  To make sure the baby was alive with a heartbeat.  The amount of water they require you to drink an hour before was making me sick.  It’s REALLY difficult to drink that much water in such a short time. And then how bad you have to pee.  I could barely walk I had to pee so badly.  As the lady put the get on my stomach she told me to relieve ½ of my bladder because it was pushing on my uterus and she could not get a clear reading.  When you have to pee THAT bad releasing and stopping half way is PURE torture.

Still feeling really anxious to see what was going on inside me I lay back on the table.  We were 7 weeks 2 days pregnant.  The baby was the size of a blueberry and the heart was beating.  YAY!  This is the furthest that I have ever made it in a pregnancy.  A huge smile overcame my face.  Thinking FINALLY I am going to be a mom! 3 years of trying, 2 lost pregnancies but now it’s time. That was a great day.

The following was a checkup at the doctors because I was spotting again.

  She said the ultrasound had shown some bloodlines from the baby to the placenta.  They don’t know why they are there but they usually disappear around week 16.  I had to get a shot of Rhogam to neutralize the possible antibodies building up in my body. If the babies blood was positive my body would have recognized the blood as a foreign substance and create antibodies to fight it.  Now that was out of the way, so back home to the countdown.

Week 9 I was down on the coast staying with family. I was there for a pre/post natal fitness course.  Not sure how I was going to get through 9-5 school day since I was still having to take 1-4 hour naps.  My energy lasted until about lunch the last half of the day. I had a hard time remembering anything and every time we were put into groups and asked to do something my mind would go blank. I felt stupid, that I was unable to learn and I was dreading having to take the exam the next day. Well I made it through class, was picked up and headed out to eat.   I was so exhausted.  I remember sitting at the restaurant and not being able to recall a time where I felt so physically tired.  I barely made it back to my grandfathers and was in bed by 7:30pm and probably asleep 5min later.

That night I awoke several times to pee. At 5am is when I got scared.  I got up to pee and had a small blood clot on the toilet paper.  Blood is never a good sign in a pregnancy and with my previous history I was terrified.  I lay in bed for the next 2 hours until my mom awoke.  She called my class and cancelled my exam and I spent the whole day in bed.  The next morning we travelled back to the Okanagan.  I called my doctor and was booked for Wednesday morning.  The next two days were long & nerve racking. Sitting at the doctors waiting anxiously for her to try to hear a heartbeat.  At 10 weeks sometimes it’s hard to get.  But she found it!  A huge smile was on my face. The baby was alive!

She performed a full physical and found I have a sensitive cervix that bleeds easily.  What a relief.  The next few weeks passed slowly, I ended up getting really sick for almost 2 weeks. Not being able to take medication made it drag out.  And it wore me out.  I barely had any energy to do anything.  Making meals or doing laundry seemed li8ke a difficult task.  By now my morning sickness had eased up. There would only be the odd moment where I would feel it.

13 weeks I finally felt normal again.  Almost like I wasn’t even pregnant, which scared me.  My belly had only grown an inch and my pregnancy symptoms seemed to have subsided and I hadn’t gained any weight.  That Friday was scheduled a follow up progress visit at the doctor.  Well that morning I had woke up to brown spotting.  The doctor said it was old blood.  We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again at 152bpm. Wow! We were sent home happy.  At 3pm I went to the bathroom and found dark red blood all over the toilet paper.  Completely scared I called the doctor and they booked me for an ultrasound for the following Tuesday.  There was no back pain and no cramps.  So I took it easy and went to bed early.

2:20am I woke to pee.  The toilet filled with blood.  A lot of it. Extremely scared I got dressed & raced to the hospital.  We waited for over 2 hours and got to see an emergency doctor finally at around 4:30am. By now I was nauseous and had to get crackers & apple juice.  I had been crying on & off in the waiting room know that I was probably miscarrying.  I lay down so they could do an ultrasound and I got to see my baby moving around. I started to cry with tears of joy.  We could see its arms moving around and it bouncing around.  He was probably about 2.5-3 inches long.  We were exhausted from the long night & stress and they release us without blood work or shots.  We went home to sleep for a few more hours before we were called back into the hospital. 2 more hours we had to wait to see the doctor.  Finally the doctor explained the ultrasound showed a blood clot between the uterus and & placenta.  He said it could cause a miscarriage and is called sub chronic hematoma.  They booked me for a detailed ultrasound for the following morning to see where the blood was coming from. So as soon as I got home I went onto the computer to research what SCH is.

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