Mommy & Me Spotlight~Amy & Zach

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Amy & Zach
Amy & Zach

What inspired you to join mom & baby classes at Body Connection Fitness and continue going? Staying active has always been an integral part of my life. After having my baby I knew I wanted to start something up again. I got connected with Jessica through many friends/co-workers that also recommended her. I knew at the first class I was hooked. Jessica was very knowledgeable about post-pregnancy issues. I learned I had separated abdominal muscles and a weak pelvic floor. I continued to attend Jessica’s classes and I’m glad I did because my abdominal muscles are fully back together and I can do jumping jacks without peeing my pants! 🙂

How long have you been attending classes? I started Jessica’s classes about 7 weeks after Zach was born. I’ve been attending classes now for 10 months.

How has it impacted you since you joined Body Connection Fitness? It’s been a great excuse to get outside, be active with my baby and meet other moms.

Describe your favorite class. I really enjoy the bootcamp class. After that class I can barely lift my baby back into the car. Haha that’s when I know I’ve had a good workout.

What changes have you noticed since you started coming to classes? Increased strength…I can now easily lift my

baby! My cardio abilities have increased as well.

So many moms are feeling too tired to workout, how do you juggle being a mom, working out and living everyday life? I truly believe it’s because I workout that I can juggle all the other parts of life. If I’m healthy then I’m better able to take care of my family.

What would you say to moms that have not tried a mom & baby class at Body Connection Fitness? join us!