Mommy Spotlight with Charlotte & Luci


Mommy & Me Spotlight

What inspired you to join mom & baby classes at Body Connection Fitness?

When my fiancé got a job opportunity here in Kelowna, we moved from the coast not knowing anyone. Since we were in a new city, I began to research fitness classes that are child friendly. I finally came across Body Connection Fitness, and fell in love with all the classes. I really enjoy the diversity of every class, and I love the fact that I can bring my toddler along.

How long have you been attending classes?

I have been attending classes since mid-November.


How has it impacted you since you joined Body Connection Fitness?

It has been amazing being surrounded by such welcoming and non-judgmental people; it really helps keep a positive outlook on working out. I have met some strong ladies and we all encourage each other no matter what fitness level. I have also noticed that my daughter really enjoys watching, playing, joining in, and helping in the fitness classes.


Describe your favorite class.

How do I pick just one! All the classes bring different focuses for all fitness levels. From sweaty boot camps, to burning muscles, each one is challenging in a very good way.


What changes have you noticed since you started coming to classes?

Since joining Body Connection Fitness, I have been able to push myself and achieve the level of fitness I had in high school. I attend at least one class a day (Monday through Friday,) sometimes more than one a day! I really enjoy every class.


So many moms are feeling too tired to workout, how do you juggle being a mom, working out and living everyday life?

There are definitely days where I struggled with a non-sleeping toddler the night before, or am sore from pervious classes. But I get up and get my butt to the class to show my daughter that it is important to maintain a healthy, active life-style. Because I am a stay at home mom, going to the fitness class is a big highlight of my day. It helps me burn off stress and anxiety (literally).

What would you say to moms that have not tried a mom & baby class at Body Connection Fitness?

Just try it! No harm in trying a class! And like me, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the classes.