Testimonial From Nicole

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Body Connection Fitness Personal Training Client & Mom & Baby Group Fitness Member

I’ll just start by saying that this has been such a fun journey so far! I started out at about 198 lbs before I became pregnant, not really motivated to work out just wanted to sit at home and say I’ll work out tomorrow! I always said I would lose the weight before I got pregnant so I wouldn’t gain anymore than I needed, that didn’t happen. I became pregnant, said I would work out, eat right & didn’t. I ate for 2 and said I’ll work out when I’m not pregnant anymore, I went from 198lbs to 232lbs when I gave birth. I looked at myself one day and said there is no way I want to stay this weight and look the way I look!

I found Jessica Levy and her mom and baby fitness classes and I thought why not, I’ll try it out see if I like it meet some moms and get out of the house! Well I didn’t like it, I LOVED it! I went from 210 lbs in January 2015 to 185lbs now! Jessica’s classes are so much fun, she makes every class I go to challenging, fun, and every class is different so it makes going exciting everyday. If it wasn’t for Jessica and her mom and baby classes I’d probably still be putting off working out and sitting at home. I have made friends, I laugh every time I go to her class and I am so much more confident and happy with myself than I’ve been in a long time!

Jessica offered a couple personal training sessions for me and they were so helpful. She sat down with me talked about my strengths and what i could do better, gave me tips on my eating habits giving me snack ideas and when it came time for the workout she designed a plan that worked great with the equipment i had at home and showed me what moves would help with different areas of my body that needed the specific attention!

Thanks Jess <3