3 Things Preventing You From Being in Shape This Summer

Summer Paddleboarding

Summer is our time to be free, enjoy life and all the wonderful things that bring us joy. We go out more, see friends, dine more, drink more, laugh more. Then, there are all the amazing outdoors events, best patios to visit, concerts, BBQ’s, you get the picture. Right? Summer is the greatest season of all, but while All of this goodness has an immediate reward of pleasure and the more long term consequence of preventing you from being in shape. Here are the 3 main things that are the culprit of this;

1. Lack of Routine & Exercise
2. BBQ’s, Events & Parties
3. The Sweet Summery Drinks

Ok, ok, so yes we know this but how can we still enjoy all of this so our summer isn’t a wash or we don’t have to decide between the 2. The 2 meaning, being in shape or enjoying summer. Let’s learn some strategies to prevent the 3 things that prevent us from being in shape this summer-starting with #1.

Lack of Routine & Exercise
If you have school aged kids then your schedule has tremendously changed, but even without schooled aged kids, we typically see a change in our summer routines. With that being said what can we do about this? Make a plan! Similar to a meal plan, it doesn’t have to be strict and can be super simple. For example lets say you used to exercise after the kids were dropped off at school, make a new plan to take the kids to the pool instead and get exercise swimming, or a hike, or a bike ride. Maybe your outdoor activities could be set for Tuesday & Thursdays.

The best part of summer is all the amazing exercise you can get outdoors without feeling the dread of ‘having’ to workout. Try playing pickle-ball, hiking, paddle-boarding, wake surfing, soccer, biking the beautiful trails (can be flat), roller-skating, dancing in the park, outdoor yoga, or an outdoor obstacle race.










BBQ’s, Events & Parties
All the delicious food at these events makes it hard to stop eating. Some of the tips that I share in The Habit Foundation I will share with you here. Don’t allow food to control you, you can do this by coming up with a plan prior to attending these events. Decide ahead of time what you will or will not eat. Will you dish up just 1 plate? will you allow yourself any sweets? will you avoid anything deep fried? How many drinks will you be drinking? If there is a punch bowl will you be having punch?

Stop relying on cheat days because then you overeat & binge. Instead follow the 80/20 rule. After a cheat day you usually feel crummy, lack of energy, bloated, digestive issues and so on. This makes you feel more tired and less inspired to be active or focus on healthier habits. By following the 80/20 rule you are setting yourself up for success without ever depriving your body of things it wants. Way easier to stay on track and avoid cravings all-together.

The Sweet Summery Drinks

The slushy cocktails, the sweet peach ice teas, the cold iced pops, and the sweet tasty coolers are just some of the ‘treats’ we indulge in the summer. That sugar converts to fat and I want to share some stats with you that may be shocking. 

Bellini from Milestone’s   389Cal   Sugar 23 g

This would take about 1 hour of cardio to burn off. 

Starbucks Sweet Peach Ice Tea   89Cal  Sugar20 g

Coke 140Cal  Sugar39 g 

Smirnoff Ice Vodka Cooler 228 Cal   Sugar 32 g

Our recommended sugar intake per day is 24grams for women. That includes the natural sugars in the whole foods we eat. Excess sugar in our diet leads to weight gain.

My best advice is yes allow yourself to have these drinks once in awhile but not all the time. Follow the 80/20 rule. Or choose to have one of these drinks followed with a less sugary one, like a vodka soda with some muddled berries and mint or basil.

Here is another favourite, add vodka for a cocktail.

Iced Peach Ginger Tea

    • 1 peach, pitted and sliced
    • 2 green tea bags
    • 4 ginger coins
    • 3 cups hot water
    • raw honey, optional