Mommy & Me Spotlight Carli & Avery

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Mommy & Me Spotlight

What inspired you to join mom & baby classes at Body Connection Fitness and continue going?

 I was inspired to join Body connection at first because I was looking for an evening bootcamp style class. I was almost 2 years postpartum and was still struggling to lose my baby weight. My journey to becoming a Mom started 7years ago when my doctor told me that if I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy I needed to lose a significant amount of weight. So I worked super hard, changed my lifestyle and lost 80lbs. I kept the weight off and knew that when I got pregnant I was going to gain weight. After having my daughter 2 years ago I thought it would be simple to lose the weight I gained when I was pregnant. However I had the opposite happened. I gained weight when nursing and had a really hard time losing it. I had been running but it started to bother my back so I thought I would give Body Connection Fitness classes a try. After my first class I knew that Body Connection was exactly what I needed. The evening classes have become my ‘me’ time and the day classes are special because I get to bring my daughter to work out with me.  I am challenged at every class and am so encouraged by all the instructors. 

 How long have you been attending classes?

I have been attending since November 2017

 How has it impacted you since you joined Body Connection Fitness? 

I have been impacted in so many positive ways. Not only am I losing weight and toning up, which is great, but I am also building new relationships with some incredible Moms who are inspiring me. There is something truly amazing about working hard together towards goals. Even though we are so different I love sweating it out together and working hard together.

 Describe your favorite class.

Haha how do I choose one class? I love the bootcamp style classes where my sweat is dripping. I love the pound class when I get to hit things while dancing to loud music. I love them all. And each instructor brings their own creativity and encouragement to each class. 

 What changes have you noticed since you started coming to classes? 

I am feeling more toned and losing weight. I have more energy during the day. And in general feeling happier!

 So many moms are feeling too tired to workout, how do you juggle being a mom, working out and living everyday life? 

Working out has become a huge priority in my life. I know when I don’t make it a priority, I feel sluggish and discouraged. I want to be an example to my daughter, and show her that one part of being good to your body is being active. 

 What would you say to moms that have not tried a mom & baby class at Body Connection Fitness? 

Be good to yourself and set aside some time for you. Body Connection Fitness is the best of both worlds. Being able to come baby free to an evening class is a treat. But having the opportunity to bring along your little one is amazing. I was nervous to bring my daughter with me to a class because she is super busy. But after a few times it got better and now I love bringing her along. I love watching her to try and follow along with the exercises. It encourages me to be a positive example for her. I don’t know what I would do without Body Connection. It has become such a big part of my life. I have become so inspired by the new friends I have made at Body Connection. Being a Mom can be lonely at times, and I am so grateful for this new community I am a part of.